Naughty puppy

Photo by Samson Katt on
Naughty puppy

She called the dog Explorer
Which, it took onboard with gratitude
But changed it to Fedora
Because of the attitude.

The Puppy

Photo by Dominika Roseclay on
The Puppy
She took her puppy for a stroll
Among the sycamores
At every tree, at every hole
It stopped, she named it Paws.

The Pet

The Pet
cute, cuddly
appeals, pleads, entices
eyes, tail, nose, paws
claimed, cuddled, loved
delighted, happy


Photo by Poodles 2Doodles on
It was love at first sight
But not with a feller
She squealed with delight
When she caught sight of Bella.

Puppy dog eyes
And waggly tail
Appeal maximised
These things never fail.
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