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how green is my valley
wouldn't you like to know
how clean is my alley
I keep it just so
how firm are your feelings
how ardent your love
how shady your dealings
when push comes to shove
how honest your answers
how solid your shield
how dirty your dancers
how level your field
how new your inventions
how white is your snow
how good your intentions
and how will I know

Question everything

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Question everything

My darling child. I wish for you to learn something.
How, mummy?
By listening to someone special.
Who, mummy?
Me, sweetheart, your mother.
Okay mummy, when?
This morning?
Where, mummy?
Right here, right now.
And what are you going to teach me mummy?
That you must learn to question everything.
Everything, mummy, why?
Because, if you want to change things in life, then you must learn to ask questions about everything and anything. It is very important.
Mummy, can I have an ice cream now please?
Why, mummy?
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