The poems I write

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The poems I write

A poem I write
May make you laugh,
It could be trite,
Or daft, or naff.

The poems I write
Are sometimes true,
These poems can bite,
May get to you.

The poems I write
Could make you cry,
Squeal with delight,
Or wonder why.

The poems I write
Are not highbrow,
I keep them light,
Well anyhow..

The poems I write
Are not too clever,
They may excite,
But, I would never

With poem I write
Claim things untrue,
Be too forthright,
For I need you.

A poem I write
Needs to be read,
Your fire ignite,
Or words are dead.

The poems I write
I share with you,
And at their height,
They may just do!

For the love of reading

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For the love of reading

There is little to beat
Diving into a good book,
Immersing yourself
In the characters,
Swimming around
In the plot,
Its mysteries,
Then climbing out
At the deep end
Completely rejuvenated.

The Bookworm

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The Bookworm

He devoured the novel
From cover to cover.
He said to his lover.

"Have you quite finished"?
She asked him, in bed.
"I think so my darling,
Yes,take it as read".
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