A Twilight Age

Photo by Robert Stokoe on Pexels.com
A Twilight Age

We reach a twilight age,
When every pristine page
Has already been perused,
Thumbed, digested, used.
We've been there, seen it, done it,
Fought our corner, sometimes won it,
Heard gross tetes and bigger cheeses
Spout the nonsense they think pleases.

Bloody conflicts, costly war,
God knows what their fight is for.
What do all these deaths achieve,
When millions more are left to grieve?
We've borne disease, lived through pandemic
And seen how greed can be endemic,
Witnessed poverty, violence, hate,
Some things, they barely fluctuate.

Of course, we've seen the brighter side,
Loved and laughed until we've cried,
Blessed with children, watched them growing
Up contented, happy showing
Nurtured wisdom, common sense,
A bouncing back resilience.
Our parents having guided through,
It's mirrored in our children too.

We've sung, we've danced, we've had that ball
And money's never been our all,
We know the value of real friends,
A lifetime shared until all ends
And now our race is almost done,
We've made the most, we've had some fun.
One mystery left, take note, remark it,
What happens when we finally cark it?


Photo by La Miko on Pexels.com

Who's this old guy in the glass
Mirroring me, bold as brass?
Where did that young feller go,
The one who could never say no?

And the boy with a head full of dreams,
A long distant memory it seems.
Would I swap all, and do it again?
No, not while my memories remain.

Mirror, mirror…

Photo by Sinitta Leunen on Pexels.com
Mirror, mirror...

What tangled tales
You never tell.
Your angled rays
Reflect, compel.

A thousand views
You hold in one.
Like quicksand news,
You're never done.

You can not lie
To age or youth.
Your cocotte eye
Reflects the truth.

If you could talk,
Your secrets spread,
How I would baulk
At what you said.
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