Playground bully

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Playground bully

There's a bully in the playground
and he's picking on you, Cain.
We'd like to come and help, but
he might give us some pain.

He did it to our Mia,
threatening with his stick.
We couldn't help her either
and now she's pretty sick.

Smacking's not an option,
caning's not allowed;
we'll confiscate his sweeties
and bar him from our crowd.

We're sorry it's so little,
we dare not see him vexed
or when he's done with you, Cain,
we're going  to be next.

As you stand up to this bully,
you fill our hearts with pride,
behind the wall, we're cheering you
- you know, we're on your side.

Teaching truth

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Teaching the truth

we are in danger
of being invaded
by the nasty West.

Spare a thought
for our brave Russian soldiers
who are having to defend themselves
in a special military operation
(not an invasion)
in Ukraine
armed only with
tanks, fighter planes and missiles
against a ruthless army
of middle-aged men and women
determined to corrupt us
with their nasty democracy.

Children, this is not a lie;
this is a Russian super-truth.
As we queue for our daily bread,
let us thank
our great leader, President Putin
for our great leader, President Putin.


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There is no disputing
That Vladimir Putin
Is a dangerous sort of a fellow.
If we have to fight war
On this Russian jackdaw,
May all of his snow become yellow.
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