It’s coming!

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It's coming!

Hills silhouetted
With knife-edged clarity
Against bare-fingered trees
And the background hilarity
Of suet-plumped birds
In the timorous sun,
Bullish beginnings
Of an early spring, sprung.

The cycle

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The cycle

A cathedral of colour,
palette of yellow,
brown, golden, red,
mellifluous, mellow.
Impatiently shaking
her clothes from their frame,
keen to renew,
recommence, start again.

As each chirpy season
accedes to a fresh,
she herself swells,
yet fades with each breath.
In a blink, it's the bole
must make way for another,
sedately decay,
giving back to earth mother.

It’s here!

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It's here!

Squirrels, squirreling,
leaves are leaving,
glades are fading,
shades are shading.

Mist is misting,
rain is raining,
all is all-in,
Fall is falling.

Jailbreak Season

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Jailbreak Season

Fall guy, springs Winter. Summer leaves.

Seasonal Change

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Seasonal Change

stunning mother nature
fresh frock every day
have you met my wife?

This is the first Haiku I ever wrote. It was in response to a challenge to write one about the seasons.


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Golden browns
Subtle reds
Autumn winds
Nature sheds.

Piles of leaves
Lie in heaps
Naked trees
Squirrel sleeps.

Newborn buds
Peeping through
Promise Spring
Start anew.

Seasonal Change

A ‘senryu’ competition entry about seasonal change today…

And if, like me, you thought, “What the heck is senryu?” check out our new senryu page.


Seasonal change

stunning mother nature
fresh frock every day

have you met my wife?
Photo by Jill Wellington on

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