Wet play

Photo by Billel Moula on Pexels.com
Wet play

A General Practitioner, fresh qualified,
Took his girl for a trip to the riverside.
Doing things they didn't oughta,
Both fell in the water,
The Doc, on a duck, most undignified.

The Old Romantic

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The Old Romantic

We made love, right here, on the floor,
until she was begging, "No more!"
I've become quite the old Casanova,
as the ad break wasn't quite over!

A Good Sport

Photo by Adam Kontor on Pexels.com
A Good Sport

A studious sort,
She had no time for sport,
Or the chaps who showed sporting endeavour,
Till, discovering sex,
She discarded her specs,
And had a great time, whensoever.

Take them off!

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Take them off!

It's not orthodox
to wear only socks,
and nor is it sexy,
I'll have apoplexy!

Amazonian Prime

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Amazonian Prime

A wishy Washingtonian
Met amazing Amazonian,
The looks exchanged
Were prearranged,
To hide their baby Babylonian.


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Babies need a room to grow,
And ladies have all got 'em,
Big brother told me - he should know,
They fall, out of your bottom!

A rewarding lunch

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A rewarding lunch

Me and the missus
Are doing the dishes.
I'm up to my elbows in suds,
She is wiping away,
When I hear her say.
"Afternoon delight, is for puds!


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I expect
that insects
have sex
in sects.

Whilst bees,
I believe,
with their knees!

Medical Staff

Photo by Cedric Fauntleroy on Pexels.com
Medical Staff

A physio called Fizz
And a doctor named Liz
Had a steamy and passionate affair.
The poor NHS
Paid for states of undress
Any time, any place, anywhere.

Lounge room lizard

Photo by Posawee Suwannaphati on Pexels.com
Lounge room lizard

He purchased a small glass of red
Intending to tempt her to bed,
But he had to stop and rethink
When it turned out she drank like a sink.
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