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The silence
of a life cut short
tragically, too brief.

The silence
of a bereaved mum
overwhelmed with grief.

The silence
of the couple
lost in their own thoughts.

The silent 
tear she sheds
when he asks her for divorce.

The silent
look of horror
before that bomb explodes.

The silent
sign she gives
as she steps into the road.

Those silent
games they played
that went beyond pretend.

This silence
is forever
no beginning and no end.

Muet comme une carp

Muet comme une carp

Me! muet comme une carp
Quipped Dauphy, quietish
Don't like fish, bones too sharp
But mice are quite a different dish.

Muet comme une carp: a French expression meaning as silent as a carp, or fish
In the UK we would say as quiet as a mouse.
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