The Space Race

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The Space Race

Some bright engineers
spent two or three years,
perfecting a tool, that would write
upside down, in a rocket,
it cost them a packet,
to finally get the thing right.

Their rivals in space,
well behind in the race,
soon put this problem to bed,
did an excellent job
at a cost of two bob,
by using a pencil instead.

Space X

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Space X

It's gravity free in Space X
Where you've seen some funny effects
On the astronaut's hair
Which flies in the air
What on earth must go on in their kecks?

Kecks; UK slang for a pair of trousers


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Imagine, if you can
Travelling at the speed of light
Two hundred thousand miles per second
Per second, yes that's right.

Flying along at that speed
You could really superman it
In just one tiny second
You'd whizz eight times round our planet.

Planets in our solar system
Circle round our sun
Middle aged, our sun's a star
But a very average one.

Ten minutes it would take you
To reach the sun, our star
Zooming on at light speed
That's not so very far.

But then our nearest neighbour
Called Alpha Centauri
Would take another four years
Of whizzing through the sky.

The stars in our own galaxy
Lie in the milky way
Three hundred billion of them
(That's roughly, by the way.)

A hundred thousand light years
To cross the milky way
Then Andromeda, the next one
Two more billion years away.

There are a billion galaxies
Each with a billion stars
And we think we're great explorers
Because we've got to planet mars.

It makes me realise then
How small our humankind
The more I know about space
The more it blows my mind.

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