A fatal flaw

Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh on Pexels.com
A fatal flaw

Several types of spider
share my house lately
Not a huge spider fan,
I wish they'd walk more sedately.

Pausing, but too briefly to
rest, then off they scurry, 
web building for a living
and always in a hurry.

Not a gentle saunter,
a wander or a ramble
never do they feel
the need to simply amble.

It's the dashing that offends me,
they could shoot straight up my leg,
shelter in my underpants
and nestle on my peg.

It's precisely so with mice;
they never stop to chat,
if they did so, I'd be nice
without the urge to splat.

Wild creatures kill for food,
they have a good excuse,
but I can hardly make that claim
for a drop of beetle juice.

If I'm being really honest,
it's the scuttling at speed
which makes me want to kill them
when there's actually no need.

So, dawdle, potter, pootle,
roam, meander, walk,
mosey, tootle, take a stroll,
stretch six legs, let's talk.


Photo by Emily Rose on Pexels.com

Many people, outsiders,
are frightened of spiders,
we tend to get under their skin.
In this day and age,
we need a web page,
and the power of positive spin.


Photo by Ali Mu00fcftu00fcou011fullaru0131 on Pexels.com

Little Miss Muffet
Decided to tough it,
And keep some arachnids at home.
The world wide web beckoned
With successes unreckoned
And paid for her own spiderdome.
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