Contrasting Styles

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Contrasting Styles

Australia, when they're batting
Accumulate the runs.
England, on the other hand
Are only there for fun.
When it's our turn at the crease,
The runs stay fairly static,
It's the way our wickets tumble
That's really quite dramatic.

The Ashes

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The Ashes

Our Ashes in ashes
As down goes each wicket,
Australia thrashes
My team at test Cricket.

The Tussle

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The Tussle

It's Yorksher curries v Lancashire pies,
A steely fought fight for an annual prize.
A modern day version of War of the Roses
In which winner stands tall and proudly proposes
Undisputedly, claims to their bragging rights
And the chance to sleep sound in their beds at night,
Whilst the losers sob into their beer
And dream of successes next year.
What then, is this mysterious sport
With winners delighted and losers distraught?
A hard combination of skill and sheer force,
Why, rugby league, women's version, of course.

The Super Sub

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The Super Sub

The manager does his finger dance,
whilst sub looks on, bemused, askance,
the boss's words, distorted fuzz,
he'll run around, he always does,
and if he scores, the avid fan
believes it's all some master plan.

A gentle game

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A gentle game

Hot summer haze,
play several days.
Fluffy clouds billow,
leather on willow.
Fifth day it pours,
call it a draw.
Pick up the wickets,
end of the cricket.

Red Card

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Red Card

The card was red,
it had to be,
he broke his leg
in places, three.

The challenge reckless,
no intent,
stupid, feckless,
no harm meant.

Result was clear,
the match was lost,
the lad's career
a heavy cost.

A Good Sport

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A Good Sport

A studious sort,
She had no time for sport,
Or the chaps who showed sporting endeavour,
Till, discovering sex,
She discarded her specs,
And had a great time, whensoever.

The short-sighted cricketer

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The short sighted cricketer

The batsman strolled up to the crease,
Stumbling and peering and prying,
Then took out a handsome glass piece,
And said,"Hang on, I'm getting my eye in."

Naughty bears

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Naughty bears

Fluffy Ted and Teddy Fluff,
Were naughty bears, got up to stuff,
Which Mummy Ted and Teddy's mum
Found really rather worrisome.
So, as a desperate, last resort,
They got their kids involved in sport.
Sir Fluffy's now a referee,
And Teddy Fluff's an O.B.E.

The Bookworm

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The Bookworm 

I scored three goals in sport, today. 
Hat trick hero?  Hmm. No way! 
Playing what I think is flanker, 
Earned the nickname own goal wanker.
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