Just Eat

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com
Just Eat

 In his wishes, Vinny's missus
 Lets him play out, catching fishes. 
Not for him the cluck it, pluck it, 
Finger lickin' bargain bucket. 
While he's on the River Ouse 
His missus rings Deliveroo's. 
Checks out Chinese for her daughter 
Orders more than what she oughtta. 

Fish and chips, tortilla teasers, 
Salad dips and spicy pizzas. 
Vinny's mini's home for supper 
Annie's plans he tries to scupper. 
Not for him the angler's boasting 
All he wants is cheesy toasties. 
Wherein she turns, and out she swishes 
And Vin, he learns, to do the dishes. 
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