The tortured talent

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The tortured talent

True talent
is always singularly selfish;

It is an honest truth
that must be seen
through the painter's eyes.

A tortured soul
which demands a voice
from the poet's pen.

The raw emotion
wrung from
the depths of an actor.

A thirst for victory
against certain defeat
in the champions psyche.

It is all these things,
to the complete exclusion
of other's feelings,
that makes a true genius.

The skilful can show mercy;
the talented
are ruthless.


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Nine by nine by nine,
She really is a cool dude,
Those colours all aligned,
Her Rubik's Cube on YouTube.


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A talent to sing
is a wonderful thing
and potential to play
is more than okay
but to be the creator,
well, that is pure theatre.

The football match

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The football match

My debut for the 'dads v lads'
The shortest you could see
Substituted me, the cads
Straight after 'take the knee'.
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