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Every single 
Has promised 
To clean the streets, 
Eradicate dog shit, 
Employ more police 
Spend my money wisely. 

The first one 
To stop bullshitting, 
Tell the truth 
And not treat me 
Like a child, 
Will get my vote. 


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The truth should have remained hidden.


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Reading a post by Mr Bump about ‘Truthful Tuesday’, I got to thinking about certain questions to which it is very difficult to be totally honest and tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The ‘little white lie’ sometimes has to prevail.

Here are a few examples, but you can probably think of better ones.

How fast do you think you were going, sir?

Does my bum look big in this?

Where do babies come from?

Is this going to hurt?

If we were totally honest about what we were thinking all the time, it would be very hurtful, or would it?


The Truth

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The Truth
Back at the dentist again
She says, "Can you handle the tooth?"
"Please cut out the jokes, I'm in pain
Give it me straight, what's the truth?"

"Well, you need yet another extraction
The tooth has to go, I'm afraid."
"That's the fourth one this year," my reaction
"Do you think it's of money I'm made?"

"You're going to need something to chew on
Unless you like soup in a cup
I can make you some dentures to glue on
Or get some posh implants knocked up."

Well, teeth in a jar I don't fancy
To be kept, just in case, by the door
So call me a bit of a Nancy
But the implants are what I went for.

It costs though an arm and also a leg
The answer's crowd funding I know
If I do this then I won't need to beg
I'll call the page gobbo for Hobbo.

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