Jeux vidéo,

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 Jeux vidéo

The teenager played on her video game,
Call of Grand Theft, or some silly such name.
Thumb speed impressive, her digital powers
Were honed at the screen over hours and hours.
Playing on line, she had posted a score,
Which rivals acknowledged, they couldn't ignore.
You could not divert this young girl from her quest,
Her burning ambition, to be best of the best.

Hours turned to days, and she'd give meals a miss,
Surviving on but an occasional kiss
From mother, who worried and fretted her daughter
Was wasting her life, when really she oughta
Be studying hard for her exams at school,
Instead of what dad called, a video fool.
Till one day discovered, collapsed on the bed,
She'd been zapped by her rivals, who left her for dead.


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It used to be
Cops and robbers
Cowboys and Indians
Japs and Commandos.

Now it's all
The Legend of Zelda
And Grand Theft Autos.

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