Pen v Sword

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Pen v Sword

It's not for me, fighting,
I'll stick to my writing,
Discussion's the way to change things.
Not taming, inflaming,
Defaming or maiming
Or blaming, where mistrust begins.

Animal Behaviour

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Animal Behaviour

A bloodthirsty Viking
Took a bit of a liking
To plundering people by force,
His raping prowess
Was a bestial mess
And got worse when he married a Norse.


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Hobbo: I’ve got a story for you this morning.

Dauphy: Not too long I hope, I’m due for a snooze.

Hobbo: Six words again. Remember, we only do six word stories.

Dauphy: Then I can have my snooze?

Hobbo: Yep.

Dauphy: Go for it!


Fish in tank shoots killer whale.

Dauphy: Poor whale, that fish must be a warmonger.

Hobbo: No. It’s a fishmonger!

Dauphy: Can I have that snooze now?

The Unknown Warrior

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The Unknown Warrior
A million fell
You were chosen
A shortlist of four
From the Aisne, the Somme, Arras, Ypres
Draped in the flag
Of the country you died for
You were chosen
One cold November morning
In a small chapel in St.Pol
Brigadier General Wyatt
Chose you
A kings sword
A coffin of solid oak
Were chosen
Buried at the heart
Of an English abbey
In French soil
Amongst poets and kings
You are 
And will be
for centuries to come
We salute the sacrifice
of you 
and all the comrades 
you represent
Thank you
For your choice
For your sacrifice.

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