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Way up past me clogs,
thigh-high in mud,
for me and the dogs
this weather's no good.

It's blowing a shout
and freezing too, see
we'd not be off out,
if they didn't need a wee!


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Rain was forecast,
four o'clock,
its non-arrival
not a shock.

Perhaps they meant
train, not rain,
and they'd no drivers
once again.

Meteo meter

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Meteo meter

It is not coincidence
that sun
with fun.

And it's of significance,
that rain
with pain.

But I'm damned
if I know
why cello
rhymes with snow!

Weather Forecast

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Weather forecast
High pressure, and sun,
Pack a coat everyone.
It's determined to snow,
Rain's bound to show.
Forty degrees,
Wrap up well, please.
Rainfall extreme,
Fetch the sun screen.

Wind from the East,
It will blow from the West.
Guaranteed fine,
No more sunshine.
Perfectly clear,
Hailstorms are near.
Hot for a week,
The roof's going to leak.

Drizzle a bit,
Absolute shit.
The wind will be strong,
Calm again, wrong.
Forecast is checked,
What can I expect?
If the errors would stop,
I could harvest my crop!

Weather front

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 Weather front 

With Summer sunshine gone, 
He slips his cardie on 
And patiently concludes 
That she's never in the mood. 

Fickle as a Tickle

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Fickle as a Tickle

We spend
the entire Winter
complaining about
the cold,
the rain,
the sleet,
the snow, the frost and the ice.

Three days
into the Summer,
we're moaning because
it's hot
and sticky,
we can't sleep
and the plants needed watering

The Shower

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The Shower

Power spent
The cloud burst,
Flowers bent
To quench their thirst.

Under the weather

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Under the weather

In the main
Is a pain.

When it's done
Then the sun
Heralds fun.

Another day

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Another day

storm clouds gathering
nature's harbingers of doom
birds holding their breath.
sun, escapes it's horizon
we smile, live another day.

Funny old weather

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Funny old weather

The electric blanket
of snow
turned quickly to rain,
a shower full
of cats and dogs
shot down by
bolts of lightening
if you find that frightening
listen to this
In France, il pleut
comme vache qui pisse.

Il pleut comme vache qui pisse
Pronounced: eel plur com vash key piss
French for, It's raining like a pissing cow.

Dauphy: Ah! A bit of French. Very educational.

Hobbo: I remembered that you French have some very funny sayings. This is one of my favourites.

Dauphy: I’ll teach you some more if you like.

Hobbo: Okay, but nothing too rude. we don’t want to offend anyone.

Dauphy: it’s a deal. Another day though. Wake me up when it’s tea time.

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