The bestest poem ever

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The bestest poem ever

The bestest poem ever
is certainly not this, 
but before you move on
and you give it a miss,
think what it would mean
to be terribly clever
and able to dash off
the bestest poem ever.

One that would make
princes and pharaohs,
prime ministers, presidents,
kings and mikados,
queens and princesses,
emperors, khans,
maharajahs and shahs,
viceroys and sultans,

and ordinary people,
sit up for a bit,
pause, to try solving
this whole crock of shit.
Climate change, covid,
inequality, racism,
middle east, poverty,
bigotry, sexism.

If the stroke of a pen
could sort out this pickle
and by way of a bonus
perhaps, make us giggle.
If you could do that,
then, believe me that's clever.
I would take off my hat
to the bestest poem ever.
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