Worry less, live more

Worry less, live more

I wish I was 
a bumblebee,
she never frets
like me, you see,
buzzes round,
producing wax
and not a cent
to pay in tax.

Or a bird
upon the wing,
all day long
to sit and sing,
never empty
cupboard panic,
free fresh food
and all organic.

The tree that sits
deep in the woods,
spares not a thought 
for worldly goods.
The animals
upon the farm,
what use they
for an alarm.

Fishes swimming
in the sea,
all these creatures
wild and free;
don't recycle,
empty bins,
worry what
the future brings.

Even my best
friend, the dog,
never once
has cleaned the bog.
Which of us
then is the fool
and why so many
years at school.

Stress less

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com
Stress less

When problems amass
and it all seems de trop,
the answer sounds crass,
but we need to let go.

When everything's dark
and we've nowhere to go,
if we can't hit the mark,
we should go with the flow.

Worrying won't change
a single thing, so,
stop trying to arrange
and let it all go.

The first tee

Photo by Kindel Media on Pexels.com
The First Tee

The stress is shocking,
and knees are knocking.
My hands are shaking,
I'm sure of making
a mess of this shot.
I most certainly am not
a young Tiger Woods
who delivers the goods
with astonishing grace.
So, in my own space,
I draw back my swing,
bring my arms down and bring
the club head to the ball
and give it my all.
A satisfying crack,
as I hit with a whack.
Bloody Hell, it's gone miles!
and I am all smiles,
arms aloft, silent cheer,
expecting to hear
from the clubhouse,'You're cooking.'
sadly, no one was looking!

Slow down!

Photo by SHVETS production on Pexels.com
Slow down!

If you're in a rush
to be buried,
live a life that
is hurried and worried!
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